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Rist Støvet (Shake the dust)

The Fundraiser:

We are a group of youth from a small town in a small country (Norway). Most of us are still in our teens, but when we read in the newspaper about a hunger crisis in Africa, something happened within us. Our conscience cried, and we have chosen to respond.

Up to 15 million people in the Sahel belt might die of hunger and lack of water. These 15 million are people just like you and me. People with feelings, dreams, plans, and hopes for the future. If the future comes at all..

As citizens of one of the worlds richest countries, and one of the most well-functioning democracies, it is not difficult to see the resources and opportunities that we have. Resources that can make a difference. Facilities that would save so many lives.

We believe that when we take action, this can mean the difference between life and death for so many. Just because someone is starving somewhere else, does not mean that we should not do anything about it. Lets use what we have to make the world a better place. Let us together - across age, political views or beliefs - shake the dust of the term "human dignity" and "justice".

90% of the collected money for Sahel, goes to those affected by food crisis. The last 10% goes to ensure that the money is used properly, for accounting and auditing.

What can we do with 200 norwegian kroner?
BP5 biscuits are high-energy food that can be eaten as it is, or mixed with water into porridge. 200 norwegian kroner reaches 100 meals for hungry children in Sahel. BP5 is often used, and contain high protein and energy.

We encourage everyone to join this collection, using SMS-service where you send MAT VA to 2090 which gives 200 kr / sms. (for you who lives in Norway ONLY)

OR donating by clicking on either "Gi med kort" (Give with card) or "Gi via faktura" (Give through invoice) in the upper right corner of our internet-site. (EVERYONE)

If you pay through our site, the sum of money collected will be updated at once, and saving us extra work related to the SMS service, since this must be updated manually.

You can also follow us on Facebook in the group “Rist støvet”(Shake the dust) and contribute if you have any ideas.

"Where one live,
doesn´t define whether one live, "- Bono

Target: $2000 | Raised: $25 | Funded: 1% | Days left: 0
Just making difference to people who really need it =)

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Target: $2000
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Started: Jan 1 2013
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