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Let's combat the climate crisis, become a GlobeOwner and join the movement.

We Are the World

We are responsible to take care of it. Right now we are failing.

Become a GlobeOwner

And be entitled to a share of the cooperative including yearly dividends.

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Let’s combat the climate crisis together.

We do not have a vision. We have a goal. A sustainable world.


Inner Team Members

What is GlobeOwners?

GlobeOwners is a cooperative owned by its team and members. We invest in companies that bring solutions to our main global challenge: the climate crisis.

We are different

Instead of creating a voluntary organization we wanted to do something different. We wanted to use business strategies to combat global warming. By investing in green technology and businesses, GlobeOwners will not only foster the green movement but also receive a steady income. 80% of the ROI will be reinvested and exponentially increase our impact. 20% will be paid out to our members for their engagement.

Become a GlobeOwner

Every human being are entitled to become a GlobeOwner and receive 1 share of the cooperative, including yearly dividends. Why? We need a strong movement to create sustainable change, we need everyone to work together.

Every member receives a monthly email from GlobeOwners with important information, announcements and status reports.


About 50% of GlobeOwners is owned by our members. Every registered member receives 1 share of GlobeOwners and are eligible to receive yearly dividends. Register here.

Inner Team

About 40% of GlobeOwners is owned by the inner team. Ownership is based on each team member’s effort and performance. Join the inner team here.


10% is owned by GlobeOwners’ administration. The administration is based in Oslo and manages investments, the inner team, and other administrative work.

Legal Entity Established: GlobeOwners SA

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After multiple rounds with our Norwegian lawyers at Føyen Torkildsen and the Norwegian Brønnøysund Register Centre we have finally managed to establish GlobeOwners as a legal entity. You can find…

Legal Framework Being Finalized & More

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We are now finalizing the legal framework for GlobeOwners. We will establish a cooperative that is owned by its members within the next two weeks.